Hypnotist Mac Stevens Helps Students Relax and Have Fun With a Hilarious, Fast Paced Hypnotic Show


If you are seeking special entertainment that will have your students laughing and applauding, then a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show may be the right choice for you. This is an engaging show that involves the entire audience. You can be assured that the entertainment will be tastefully suited and appropriate for everyone in attendance. You will see:

  • Your student volunteers become the stars of the show!
  • A fast paced show that is incredibly fun for the volunteers and audience members.
  • Everything is tastefully done and nobody is embarrassed.
  • Even the most difficult audience is drawn into the fun and laughter.
  • Your students will be laughing out loud and applauding wildly!

If you need to plan a special event for your school, booking the Mac Stevens Comedy Hypnosis Show will make you shine like a star.


There is nothing funnier or more thrilling than a tastefully executed Comedy Hypnosis Show. This unique and outstanding entertainment will have your students and faculty talking about the show for years to come!



Grad Nights,

Post Graduation,

Prom Nights,

Senior Breakfasts,

Club Fund Raisers,